Programming the Pi, what next after Scratch?

What next after Scratch programming on the Raspberry Pi? Lots of kids outgrow MIT Scratch, but what could they try next? I'm looking for a tool that:
  • Makes it easy to get visual or audio effects
  • Gives immediate results (like Scratch does), type some commands, press run, see results
  • Runs easily on the Pi (of course)
  • Has depth with plenty to explore.
Two ideas have come up so far...
  1. Trying Squeak Smalltalk on the Raspberry Pi... —I've seen some success with this, while Smalltalk is a big leap, the environment gives instant feedback and you can get great results with a few lines.
  2. Trying python programming Scratch style —This is an attempt to create an library of commands that will be familiar to Scratch programmers, e.g. sprite.pen_down(); sprite.move(100,0).

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