Real Maths Game: The Confused Shopkeeper

Here's a game we made up to explore number bonds: ways of combining numbers to make 10 (or 20, 50 or 100). It's a pretty simple game and your children will probably not think of it as maths.

How to play the game...
  1. Collect items from around the house, anything small will do. 
  2. Roll a dice for the price for each item 
  3. A player shouts out if they want to buy it 
  4. The player gives the shopkeeper 10p 
  5. The shopkeeper can either cheat them or play fair with the change 
  6. If the player spots that they've been cheated, they say "Cheat!" and keep the item and get their money back. 
  7. And the winner is... not sure yet, we'll figure this out!
For example:
  1. Roll dice = 3 
  2. Who wants this apple for 3p? 
  3. I do 
  4. Give 10p to shop keeper 
  5. Shopkeeper gives 6p change 
  6. Player shouts "Cheat! I should get 7p!" 
  7. Player keeps apple and gets money back. 
  • Once the kids figure out how the game works let them swap roles so that each has a turn as the shopkeeper
  • To start with keep prices under 10p, but as everyone gets better, use more dice and have higher prices
  • See what other rules the kids suggest, and try them out.