Scratch Club Badges

Continuing on from my interest in how the Scouts maintain good behaviour and reward progress I'm going to introduce some badges to recognise students as they master the different aspects of programming.

So here's an initial list of badges (I need to make these sound more fun)...
  • Move a sprite around
  • Make infinite loops
  • Use the pen, both to make trails and draw shapes
  • Control a sprite with keyboard and mouse
  • Make aliens 
  • Artist: make backgrounds and new sprites
  • Conditional logic (if statements)
  • Sensing events (touching sprites or colors)
  • Sequencing and nesting commands (understanding the difference between putting things in a loop, or before a loop)
  • Variables to track scores and lives
  • Random walks and events
  • Animator: make sprites more realistic with moving legs etc
  • Drum rhythms
  • Broadcasting events (such as end-of-game)
  • Music
  • Intelligent aliens, e.g. that hunt down your character in interesting ways
  • Gameplay: challenging games that are not too hard or two easy
  • Problem solver (debugging scripts)
  • Trainer (helping others learn)
  • Idea generator (lots of ideas for scratch projects)
Doubtless I'll add more as the club progresses.

So now I just need to make these into some sort of badges, or stickers!

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